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Honda TRX 300EX or 250X Widening and Shock Conversion Kits (widening kits that include an adjustable upper shock mount)

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+6.0" Front Widening and Shock Conv. Kit             $220.00   $240.00         $260.00

       Picture of Widening Kit (for stock shocks)              Picture of Widening and Shock Conv. Kit

Widening & Shock Conversion Combo Kits:                     

                                                                                            USA   Canada  Other Countries

+6.0" Front and +4" Rear Widening Kit with Brakelines   $440    $460     $470

      with shock conversion (adjustable upper shock mounts)

+6.0" Front and +4" Rear Widening Kit (no Brakelines)   $330    $350     $360

     with shock conversion (adjustable upper shock mounts)

+6.0" Front Widening Kit with Brakelines                          $330    $350     $360

     with shock conversion (adjustable upper shock mounts)

Shipping Services:

The prices above for "USA" shipments include sales to any of the 50 states, plus Guam and Puerto Rico.

Canada and all other countries will use International Priority Mail.


Information about the product:

The 300EX kits will also fit all year models of the older (late 80's / early 90's) 250X's that used the same frame as the 300EX.  The 250EX is not the same as those older 250X's, and requires a diiferent kit (also listed on this website).  Then, in 2010 Honda went and renamed the 250EX to the 250X.  The new 250X's are actually 250EX's on our website.  (Sorry for the confusion this may cause - its Honda's fault.)

Stock brake lines should be long enough to install even the +6.0" kit if you disconnect the intermediate brake line support on the a-arms to provide more slack in the lines. 

Diamond J Customs does sell brake lines if you would prefer to use extended-length stainless steel braided brake lines with your widening kit.

The difference between the "widening kit" and the "widening and shock conversion kit" is the top shock mount brackets.  The widening kits simply relocate the stock shocks outward to match the width increase to the a-arms.  The widening and shock conversion kits provide a range of vertical locations where the stock shocks can be mounted depending on how you assemble the shock brackets.  These adjustments will allow you to use longer shocks, adjust the ride height of the front of the ATV, or both.  Some of the shocks that will fit on the 300EX with this kit include 400EX, 450R, YFZ450, 660R, 700R, Z400 and R450 shocks.  Stock or aftermarket shocks for these models should fit with this kit.  In general, we recommend shocks with reservoirs (like the 450R's) for heavier riders (180 lbs+) because the shocks without compression/rebound adjustment tend to have a softer ride with this kit than the stock suspension.

More general information about our widening kits by clicking on the widening kits button to the left.

Follow this link to take you to our billet aluminum rear wheel spacers that will widen the rear of this ATV model.  The two inch wheel spacers are also a good match with the plus six inch front kits since the rear is slightly wider than the front from the factory.

Rear Wheel Spacers (+2" Each Side)
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